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NIMA Defense Investigative Service 25th Anniversary British Army Staff POW/MIA POW-MIA Freedom Flight, POW-MIA
Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration Defense Intelligense Agency DLA Criminal Investigation Activity International Fellowship Program Stavanger Norway Canadian Forces Liaison Staff
Dedicated to Growth Department of Justice Metro Dade County Law Enforcement Officer Dade County FL Sheriff's Office Corporate Gifts Unlimited, Inc. Ellsworth, IA
Jewell, IA NRA Russian Athletic Coin Air Attaches Association Frederick, MD Police Department American Legion
POW/MIA Sobriety Born in Texas FBI Academy DOJ/FBI FBI National Academy American Legion
Freedom is Never Free Veterans of Foreign Wars In Valor there is Hope John Wayne Harvest Christian Academy Atmahan
33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) Bicentennial 1976, Spirit of '76 Bicentennial 1976, The Minuteman Bicentennial 1976, Liberty Bell Bicentennial 1976, Declaration of Independence
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