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President of the United States, Bill Clinton Bill Clinton Inauguration George Bush Inauguration Vice President Dan Quayle Ronald Reagan Inauguration Vice President George Bush
President of the United States, John F Kennedy President John F Kennedy Inauguration coin The White House Camp David The White House Military Office The White House, Executive Branch
Secret Service, Presidential Protective Division US Secret Service, Technical Security Division HMX-1 Presidential Helicopter Sq. Director of the CIA Director of Central Intelligence CIA 50th Anniversary
George Bush Center for Intelligence (CIA) CIA Central Intelligence Agency CIA National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Secretary of State
John Glenn returns to Space American Red Cross, Asian Pacific Hub Panama Canal Commision NRO, OD-4 NRO 40th Anniversary FBI Academy
DOJ/FBI FBI National Academy Congressma Reyes, TX Republican Presidential Task Force, Ronald Reagan Camp David Marine Security Company 2011 Presidential Inauguration
HMX-1 Presidential Helicopter Sq. (Silver)
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